Sunday, February 12, 2006


Happy 30th Caroline
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Lately, it seems there has rarely been a dull moment. Our lives are filled with births and birthday celebrations. We're at the time in our lives when many of us are turning 30 and having babies, two momentous occasions in the life of a woman. Life keeps getting richer and deeper with each passing year. Sure, there are bigger trials around every corner, but there are sweeter rewards as well.

This weekend we celebrated a dear friend's 30th birthday. She is also pregnant with her second and will find out this week if it's a boy or girl. Thanks, Caroline for the deliciously entertaining evening. When a group of women who don't get the opportunity to go out without their children get together and party, there's no holding back. I don't know if it was the wonderful company, or the fact that we didn't have to shovel our food down hurriedly in order to feed our kids, or the shots of soju, or the free gehran jim (egg custard) and denjahng jigae, or all the tender and savory meats that kept coming in waves, or the satisfying cup of Korean instant coffee at the end, or the incredible service (even by non-Korean standards), but this meal was as good as any of the fancy shmancy meals I've experienced at 5 star restaurants. It was so good that our family went back again tonight for some more. And it was STILL that good. If you're in the LA area and want THE BEST Korean barbecue, cooked over charcoal at your table (sutbul), go to Chamsoogol on Olympic at 4th Ave in K-town.

Afterwards we continued the evening (2-cha) at norehbang. We sang our hearts out for TWO HOURS. Thanks, Marianne for the table dance. Remember, what happened there, stays there. Okay, so, when I got home, I felt like the two hours was not quite enough for me, so I turned on our karaoke machine and did another 2 hours, by myself. I would have shared the mic with Joe, but he did not want to participate.

Now that the celebration is over, I just have two questions:

  1. I wonder if we will still get together and party like this when we're 63.
  2. What happened to the birthday girl? We didn't see you at church, Caroline. Did we party too hard?

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