Saturday, February 18, 2006

A milestone

Pierced ear
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Today was a big day for Abby, because she got her ears pierced. We didn't wake up today and plan for this to happen. When we were at the mall with some of her friends she casually stopped at a shop that sells earrings and does ear piercing. When I asked Abby if she was interested in getting her ears pierced, she said without hesitation, "Yes, mommy." "Do you want to do it today?" "Uh huh," she nodded. She has been thinking about this for some time and has even brought the subject up in the past. After calling Dad and getting the okay, she picked the earrings that she wanted, which were pink gemstones, of course. I then proceeded to tell her the painful details she would have to face if she decided to go through with it. She wasn't shaken at all. She sat on my lap and the kind lady explained what she was about to do and Abby just looked up and waited. She didn't even flinch when the earring punctured her skin. After her left ear was pierced, she turned her head to allow the lady to repeat the process with the other ear. No tears, no resistance. I was so proud of her and the store attendant was shocked as well. She's only 3! It then began to hit me that my baby is no longer a baby. She's becoming a young lady and she will soon be making larger and more important decisions in her life, not just what earrings she will wear today. It was too much for me to swallow at that moment. You should have seen the look of pride on her face when she saw herself for the first time with the earrings in her ears. It was priceless.

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