Tuesday, October 11, 2005

LA vs. NY

This is a running debate in our household. I'm embarrassed to say that someone once called the cops on us while we were living in our old apartment, because Joe and I were having a heated debate about which city was superior (I think our walls were pretty thin, plus this was during our first year of marriage). Everyone you talk to seems to have an opinion about this one.


  • All year round sun (if you're into that)
  • Zero humidity
  • Mountains, beaches and access to a major city, all within an hour
  • An ocean you can actually swim in
  • GREAT restaurants (and not as overpriced as NY)
  • UH-MAY-ZING sushi, home of the Sushi Nazi, Nozawa
  • Beautiful people (I don't know why I'm listing this as a pro, but there are undeniably a disproportionate number of attractive people here)
  • Avocados and REAL salsa readily available, even at freakin Denny's (we once asked for salsa in NY and got tobasco - get a rope!)
  • A plethora of fresh produce all year round
  • Bumping into celebrities while you're out and about (if you're into that)
  • The endless beautiful coastline
  • So many wonderful places to visit all within the state (not to mention all the incredible national parks - from Joshua Tree to Yosemite)
  • Close proximity to lots of major children's attractions - Disneyland, San Diego Zoo, Legoland, Sea World, Universal
  • Better sports teams (sorry to rub it in), although we still don't have a football team
  • I'm still wearing my flip flops and shorts


  • THE City (the best city on earth)
  • Better education (at all levels), even public schools (except in the city)
  • Richer history
  • Superior museums, music and culture
  • Too far for mother in law to drop by
  • Great public transportation
  • 4 seasons
  • NY pizza and incomparable bagels
  • Where else can you drive to your choice of 4 different states within a few hours?
  • Layering clothes and wearing nice jackets
  • The leaves in autumn
  • Walking, not just a recreational sport
  • Hard to believe, but on average, lower housing costs
  • They measure plots of land in acres (outside of NYC), not square feet
  • It is what it is, no pretention, no phoniness

Am I leaving anything out?

The reason why I'm rehashing this debate is because Joe's considering other jobs again. I actually think that I'm kind of falling in love with California, and yes, even LA. I find myself hating it a little less everyday. After all, this is the only home my girls have ever known. When I ask Abby which place she loves the best, she always says "California." It's true, but for some reason Californians LOVE California and always want to go back.


Jko said...

oh no! I was hoping you all would come back to NY and to NHF...

ChaEsq said...

MOVE TO NEW YORK. Is that even a question?

Anonymous said...

First of all, the real comparison is between SF and NY. And SF is better, which is why you should move up here.