Monday, October 03, 2005

Going back to our roots

This is how I feel some days

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Disgusting sight, isn't it? Not something you see in LA everyday. We went to the LA County Fair on Friday to get away from the the wildfires in the area and to expose our children to a bit of country life. There's this hilarious commercial for the fair that made me bust up laughing.

A sad but true depicition of LA residents

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But then I stopped and wondered, "What if those are our girls someday saying such ridiculously stupid things." "We're going to to the county fair to get back to our roots!" I say. I don't know why I said that since neither Joe nor I have ever spent a day on a farm, but my dad could definitely tell you a story or two about life on a farm. He's a true natureboy. Anyway, going to the county fair was one of the more educational things we have done with the kids. My husband, being an LA boy himself, I could tell was enlightened by the experience as well. There are some things you can learn from books and there are those things you just have to go out and see & feel for yourself.

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ChaEsq said...

omigosh, they are TOO TOO CUTE. and have you noticed that they LOOK like each other? CA-RA-ZY.

i miss you. are you coming out soon?