Saturday, July 08, 2006

Good night and good luck

Is it July already? How did summer come so fast? Are they already starting to pull out their fall merchandise at the stores? My husband just informed me the other day that the summer solstice already passed. Alas, the sun is setting earlier and earlier. And we haven't even broken out the grill yet.

All the news of looming terror threats started to get me a little anxious today. Plus it was the anniversary of the London Underground bombing. And didn't I just read something about a crazy man on the 1/9 subway attacking people with a chainsaw in Manhattan? Go away evildoers.

For the 4th we went out to dinner in K-town and had nengmyun and the most amazing paht-bingsu (it had shaved ice, paht, fruit cocktail, strawberry ice cream, fresh strawberries, fresh kiwi and tiny little marshmallow shaped dduk) with some friends, which was not very patriotic, but hey, it was freakin' hot. Plus, I asked around last week to see if other families were interested in seeing some fireworks together and I was turned down repeatedly. It must be just me, but if I know there's going to be a fireworks show, I'm there. Who can turn down fireworks? In the end we did get to see a fireworks show, because I made my husband pull over on some random street on the way home from dinner just to catch a glimpse.

That reminds me - I bought some fireworks a few weeks ago from the local Target. I figured if Target is selling them, then they must be legal, right? Well, I waited and waited and didn't hear anyone else setting anything off, so I got too chicken and didn't do it. I should just look up the local laws and figure out what they say, but who wants to set off fireworks after the 4th of July? Plus, someone will probably call the cops thinking it's a shooting or something. Really, is it just me who has a fascination with fireworks?

This week I started getting back in the dirt and working on the garden. By the way, what does is mean when you dream about your garden everyday? The 100 degree weather didn't even dissuade me. When I have things to work out, I like to work them out with a shovel and some dirt. I had a bunch of plants that I purchased earlier in the season that were still sitting in their pots, waiting to take root in the ground, but mainly what I did was replant some of the shrubs I planted last year with my dad. The afternoon sun is scorching my azaleas and gardenias. Plus, lantana should never be planted in a shady spot. What were the previous owners thinking? I need to get on another HGTV show so I can get my yard made over. Do you think America would recognize us again or get sick of us if we appeared on another show. I don't want to be another Ben Stiller or Vince Vaughn and get too overexposed.

We had some friends in town over the weekend and while they were here, they helped us set up our new fish tank. I went with our friend one day to the pet store and was advised by him to just buy the accessories at first and set up the tank, so I can let the tank circulate and get ready for the fish. I went back a few days later, and this time the guy at the store prevented me from buying fish, because he said I have to let the tank's level balance out for at least a week before I add fish (something about the pH, nitrogen, ammonia something or other). Then he gave me a pamphlet to read and highlighted important instructions, so I can be prepared and educated enough to buy a fish the next time I come back. These are $2 fish. Give me a break. Will someone please just sell me a fish? I should just get a dog. It would be easier. So, in the meantime, our lonely 25-cent goldfish is swimming around in a very spacious 5-gallon tank with lovely stone boulders and foliage. I can tell he's loving it. He just went from a studio apartment to a 5,000 sq. ft. mansion with a view.

My girls are getting so demanding lately. The other day I was lifting Abby up and she said to me, "Mommy, you're not holding me properly." Excuuuse me. Sarah's even worse. She knows that I often don't hear her the first time and has now resorted to getting my attention by yelling, "MOMMY! MOMMY! I'm talking to you!" My girls are becoming so Diva. I can hardly handle it any longer.

I started backsliding this past week and having thoughts about having a third child. Mainly because I see Abby really starting to mature into a helpful older sister and Sarah is getting a bit more independent. But what if I give birth to another Diva? I've way surpassed my Diva tolerance limit. And global warming is really starting to concern me. It's settled. No more babies.

It's late and my stories are not very coherent or connected. I apologize. 'night.

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