Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Three's company

I think I'm going nuts. I am so easily influenced by others. So, I go and visit my 2 friends who just had babies yesterday (one of which just had her 3rd less than a week ago) and I think to myself, having another one of those might be kind of nice. Nevermind the 9 months of giving your body and life over to an alien parasite and looking like you swallowed a melon. I'm not even going to start with the labor. People who say pregnancy is a beautiful thing are fooling themselves or lying, and I had (from what I hear) 2 relatively easy pregnancies and labors.

I'm back. I had to change a poopy diaper. Which reminds me, that's definitely another huge negative of my job. I just got over telling Joe the other week that if I ever mention having another child to tell me I'm crazy and knock some sense into me. But then I think about growing up with the kids and the memories we will build. They won't be in diapers forever. There are those sweet precious moments when you're holding your child in your arms and they look up to you with those eyes that say, "I love you and trust you with all my heart."

Sometimes I think of all the selfish reasons I don't want to have more: I want my life back, I want to be able to start back at my career, I want at least some time with my husband, I'm afraid of what having another child will do to my body, and... no more diapers please. But then, having children is not a completely selfless act either. Deep inside, we have children because we want to shape the lives of someone who's so gullible they believe our every word, we want to produce a mini-me, we want to do all the things we couldn't or correct the problems we had in our lives. It's kind of narcissistic.

Maybe it's just my gotta-be-more-gotta-do-more attitude. Well, the debate goes on. Tune in for more developments on whether or not Joe should get fixed.

Current stats on having #3:
HaYoung : 25%
Joe: 5%


james said...

hello? is this thing on?

Analisa said...

Dude, I *hate* being pregnant! Who are these women who glow for nine months and have beautiful round beach ball bellies and look like they are having the time of their lives? I'm nauseous, exhausted, going to the ER with migraines that won't quit, and wishing it was over *yesterday*. Of course, you do get a sweet newborn (or two!) out of it, so maybe it's worth it, but *man* I hate being pregnant!