Thursday, September 22, 2005

Autumn is here

It's officially the beginning of autumn, not that it makes any difference here in Southern California. I just envision what it must be like in NY. *Sigh* I guess I sound ungrateful when I say that weather here is boring. Sun everyday with a high probability of sun in the forecast. I think it was almost 90 today.

I had a celebrity siting yesterday - I met Monica Lewinsky's father who happens to work at Joe's hospital. Cool beans. Hmm, haven't said cool beans since junior high. Joe says to me while I was visiting him at work, "There's a celebrity I want to introduce you to. Meet Dr. Lewinsky." I was kind of shocked at first. I wasn't expecting that kind of sudden introduction and then all kinds of thoughts popped in my head: thoughts of Monica doing lewd things with our former president, curiosity about how he must feel to be known as the father of a public figure who's famous for her highly publicized sexual misconduct, thoughts about whether it's okay for Joe to be introducing him to me for no other reason than him being Monica's dad. I could hardly make eye contact. What do you begin to say to Monica's dad? I was graceful though and said, "Hello, nice to meet you." I guess it's too early in our relationship to be cracking Monica jokes.

Tonight I made some bibimbap, but instead of using beef I used turkey and marinated it like I would bulgogi. I did this partly because I bought a buttload of turkey at Costco and also because I didn't want to wait for the bulgogi I have in the freezer to thaw. Amazingly, it was good. So, here's cooking tip #1: Try substituting turkey instead of beef, especially when a recipe calls for ground beef (I like turkey meatloaf). It's a healthy, flavorful alternative that tastes a lot like beef.

Well, faithful listeners, I will be signing off for the weekend while I get some hard core pampering and relaxation in this weekend with some girlfriends. I of course have a full schedule and list of possible activities lined up, but will be more than willing to let go of any one of those plans to lie around in the hotel room or just hang out by the beach. It's just my nature to plan out a relaxing unplanned vacation.

Please continue to keep the residents of Houston in your prayers, specifically the Ous, the Jungs and the Has. As far as I know, they are still stuck in Houston. Thankfully, it looks as if the storm may be turning.

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