Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Enough of a good thing

A little opener to warm up: As a novice blogger I must say that I am intimidated by this whole phenomenon. I have always loved to write but could never get myself to open up to the vast nothingness I am so openly journaling to. Who's out there and why are you reading this? Okay, enough paranoia. Here I go.

This summer was so jam packed I could hardly breathe. Add to the mix 2 never-a-dull-moment toddlers and you have the making of an MTV reality show, G rated. Okay I admit this first entry is going to be pretty rambly. I have a lot of things I want to recount and not a lot of personal introspection about them, so forgive me.

In a nutshell, here's what I remember: driving back and forth to classes at UCLA late at night, house warmings, successful potty training (AT LAST!), getting a shiny new barbeque, torching the new barbeque with my beer chicken and galbi, a Nemo/Under-the-Sea party, first trip to Disneyland, first trip to Chuck E Cheese (and a bad case of some kind of virus to follow), first, third & 31st birthdays, San Diego Zoo, SD Wild Animal Park, some successful do-it-yourself construction on the home (very professional looking crown molding in all 4 bedrooms thanks to the Lee men and my hubbie), count-em TWO camping trips (one with all the men in my family, my girls and bears, and one with Abby's best friends at the beach), and a last minute trip to Houston to see family and friends.

This summer epitomizes my life. Without conscious effort I plan too much and don't leave room for error. You would think I'm theme-parked out, but I'm itching for more. Why do I always have a constant tug to do more? It's a vicious cycle - If I don't fill my schedule, I don't feel fulfilled, so I keep adding and adding until I'm so exhausted I can't enjoy myself. Joe always asks me at the end of a big event, such as our wedding day, "How was it?" My usual response at first is, "Good," which is about the most nondescript comment you could make about your wedding day or any major life-changing experience. Also if you know my husband, that kind of response is not acceptable and will not be left without mention. I think I say it's "good" because I'm just so overwhelmed my brain is unable to process thoughts or formulate sentences. Maybe we all have this synapse between our feelings and the part of our brain that communicates those feelings. I think that connection is often lost in my brain.

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