Thursday, September 22, 2005

Mass exodus

I just talked to my brother on the phone and he is STILL driving up to Austin after nearly 11 hours of driving from Houston (he left at midnight). It sounds like people are really taking this one seriously and are evacuating early. Pray for the best. I heard that at best Rita will be cat. 4 when it hits Galveston and will hit Houston with over 100 mph winds. Our friend Peter said yesterday he had to go to 5 different stations to find one that had gas. I read that they even opened all southbound lanes of the 1-45 to northbound traffic. Over a million people are leaving, plus all the Katrina survivors. Fortunately my parents are vacationing and don't have to deal with any of this yet. My prayers go out to those people who are choosing or have no choice but to stay behind and the homes and communities that are hopefully still standing after Rita blows through. God please have mercy.

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ChaEsq said...

yo, you need to get the word verifiation on your commenting so that you stop getting spammed...
you know, i have no idea what texas looks like -- i was wondering about g and your folks ... now i know. =(